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US-5185138-A: Transistion-metal-aluminosilicate hydrocarbon conversion catalysts having an L type structure, ECR-22-D patent, US-5495632-A: Motorized hand held scrubber patent, US-5685118-A: Roof panels with stiffened endlaps patent, US-5765642-A: Subterranean formation fracturing methods patent, US-5940925-A: Cleaning lip device for a rotating roll of a textile machine patent, US-5947041-A: Method for using tree crops as pollutant control patent, US-6199133-B1: Management communication bus for networking devices patent, US-6242657-B1: Method for producing aromatic nitro compounds patent, US-6273371-B1: Method for interfacing a pilot with the aerodynamic state of the surfaces of an aircraft and body interface to carry out this method patent, US-5818356-A: Method and device for guiding vehicles as a function of the traffic situation patent, US-5853654-A: Process and apparatus for making ceramic articles patent, US-5929639-A: Non-dipolar RF coil for NMR lock and homonuclear decoupling patent, US-5947703-A: Centrifugal blood pump assembly patent, US-6289252-B1: Distributed batch processing system and methods patent, US-6496707-B1: System and method for optimizing a wireless network by adaptive configuration of base stations and wireless terminals patent, US-6527962-B1: Blood filter having legs and centering elements integrally manufactured patent, US-6658094-B1: Method and apparatus for storing voice/fax messages in an intelligent network patent, US-4302092-A: Drum processing apparatus patent, US-4648492-A: Mechanism to engage part time drive system in a moving vehicle patent, US-5464964-A: Image heating apparatus changing set temperature in accordance with temperature of heater patent, US-5762596-A: Rotating cutting apparatus patent, US-6086016-A: Gyro stabilized triple mode aircraft patent, US-6536296-B2: Apparatus and method of controlling a vehicle patent, US-4613938-A: Present weather observing system utilizing particulate size and velocity measurements patent, US-5376262-A: Concentration and/disposal of non-volatile inorganic contaminants from refinery waste water streams patent, US-6002388-A: Pointing stick having a flexible interposer patent, US-6341959-B1: Method and system for learning a language patent, US-6629234-B1: Speculative generation at address generation stage of previous instruction result stored in forward cache for use by succeeding address dependent instruction patent, US-5129665-A: Bicycle frame with one or two improved wishbone stays patent, US-5353297-A: Gas slab laser with folded resonator structure patent, US-5562983-A: Adhesive closure system for oil-containing sheet material patent, US-4306626-A: Hydraulic earth boring machine patent, US-4881286-A: Effective diffuser/thickener screen backflushing patent, US-6444075-B1: Hot melt calendered or extruded wear layer for embossed substrates and method of manufacture patent, US-5204962-A: Processor with preceding operation circuit connected to output of data register patent, US-5690135-A: Diverter valve with shutoff feature patent, US-6138190-A: Analog front end and digital signal processing device and method patent, US-6401475-B1: Temperature adjustment module and method using same patent, US-6688355-B2: Three piece tire assembly patent, US-4446794-A: Practice shell particularly useful for training purposes patent, US-5188886-A: Metal oxide dielectric dense bodies, precursor powders therefor, and methods for preparing same patent, US-5449943-A: Visible and infrared indium antimonide (INSB) photodetector with non-flashing light receiving surface patent, US-5603643-A: Booster clamp with elastomeric joint element patent, US-5789573-A: Antisense inhibition of ICAM-1, E-selectin, and CMV IE1/IE2 patent, US-5561076-A: Method of fabricating an isolation region for a semiconductor device using liquid phase deposition patent, US-6428694-B1: Solar powered environmental remediation devices patent, US-6673446-B2: Flushable fiber compositions comprising modified polypropylene and modified poly (ethylene oxide) and process for making the same patent, US-4490301-A: Liquid diphenylmethane diisocyanate compositions patent, US-5761110-A: Memory cell capable of storing more than two logic states by using programmable resistances patent, US-5918826-A: Casting fishing reel with torque converter patent, US-6648402-B2: Structural support brace patent, US-6660611-B2: Method to form a corrugated structure for enhanced capacitance with plurality of boro-phospho silicate glass including germanium patent, US-5586547-A: Instantaneous gas water heater patent, US-5671215-A: Method and circuit arrangement for transmitting message cells via redundant, virtual path pairs of an ATM communication network patent, US-6517280-B2: Security tower patent, US-5522994-A: Single column chromatographic determination of small molecules in mixtures with large molecules patent, US-6109796-A: Off-set bearing for in-line roller skates patent, US-6635558-B2: Semiconductor processing methods of forming a contact opening to a conductive line and methods of forming substrate active area source/drain regions patent, US-5608203-A: Credit card with magnifying lens patent, US-6413005-B1: Fastener having a self-centering and self-aligning capability for one-sided insertion and tightening on a slat floor patent, US-4331741-A: Nickel-base hard facing alloy patent, US-5075092-A: Process for preparation of silane patent, US-5251365-A: Method for making ball screw nut patent, US-5533822-A: Recording apparatus with easily assemblable roller patent, US-5731146-A: Compositions and methods for detecting target nucleic acid sequences utilizing adjacent sequence-enzyme molecules patent, US-4900721-A: Disinfectants and their use for disinfecting the skin and mucous membrane patent, US-6624131-B2: Wrinkle reduction laundry product compositions patent, US-5567586-A: Methods of indentifying solid tumors with chromosome abnormalities in the ALL-1 region patent, US-6645767-B1: Cells engineered to contain genes of interest without expressed bacterial sequences and materials and methods therefor patent, US-4841400-A: Magnetic head core comprising a monocrystaline ferrite patent, CN-103907501-A: 自动供水家庭园艺栽培的栽培装置 patent, US-5716299-A: Two speed drive incorporating reverse patent, US-6102995-A: High performance intumescent system for imparting heat/flame resistance to thermally unstable substrates patent, US-5060819-A: Nestable low depth tray patent, US-5398708-A: Parts cleaning machine patent, US-5847929-A: Attaching heat sinks directly to flip chips and ceramic chip carriers patent, US-6402371-B2: Axillary infrared thermometer and method of use patent, US-5238254-A: Ferrofluid seal apparatus patent, US-6526991-B2: Oral hygiene travel kit patent, US-4859398-A: High shear extrusion of linear low density polyethylene patent, US-6196341-B1: Reduced residual tensile stress superabrasive cutters for earth boring and drill bits so equipped patent, US-4446714-A: Methods of necking-in and flanging tubular can bodies patent, US-6104766-A: Noise predictive maximum likelihood (NPML) detection methods and apparatus based thereon patent, US-4751401-A: Low voltage switch patent, US-6083342-A: Container labeling system patent, US-4906988-A: Object verification system and method patent, US-5193285-A: Mechanical shape sensor and data recorder patent, US-4859070-A: Omniaxis apparatus for processing particulates and the like patent, US-5966836-A: Infrared heating apparatus and method for a printing press patent, US-6126977-A: Method of making laminated pizza crust patent, US-6143187-A: Fluidized bed filter for an aquarium patent, US-6632755-B1: Multi-color fiber fluff products and method and apparatus for making same patent, US-6102308-A: Self-educing nozzle patent, US-5144833-A: Atomic force microscopy patent, US-6612410-B1: High frequency shock absorber and accelerator patent, US-5972999-A: Pharmaceutical compositions and methods for improving wrinkles and other skin conditions patent, US-5602306-A: Synthesis of functional human hemoglobin and other proteins in erythroid tissues of transgenic animals patent, US-5401607-A: Processes and compositions for photogeneration of acid patent, US-5241166-A: Low resolution target acquisition patent, US-6617507-B2: Photovoltaic array patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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